Using my own story of fraud, along with years of expertise in the field of fraud detection, I offer a 50 minute to four hour event that not only teaches but also entertains. Your people will learn the elements of fraud, the warning signs of fraud and detection techniques that work for everyone. Then, they'll become bona-fide detectives in our "Whodunit Fraud Game," parsing the clues and sniffing out the culprit together. 


Call or text me at 770-861-1993

*EA - Enrolled Agent - Licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service

*Certified Public Accountant - Licensed by the States of Georgia and Florida

*Past chairman of the FICPA Federal Tax Committee - 2009

*Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute- 1999

*Graduate member of the American Academy of Tax - 2001

*CFO of Better Way Health - 2018

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