Every Thursday, I would close my CPA firm to offer free financial counseling to the community. I loved helping people so much that I sold my firm and dedicated myself full-time to lecturing and counseling about the ethical use of money across the country and the world. Then, as a Stewardship Director and Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, GA, I helped meet the community's needs, worked with fund raising and help life-changing events.


Call or text me at 770-861-1993

*EA - Enrolled Agent - Licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service

*Certified Public Accountant - Licensed by the States of Georgia and Florida

*Past chairman of the FICPA Federal Tax Committee - 2009

*Fellow of the National Tax Practice Institute- 1999

*Graduate member of the American Academy of Tax - 2001

*CFO of Better Way Health - 2018

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